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Jade Jemma

Welcome to Freedom Business Hub

The business growth hub for freedom-focused entrepreneurs. Hosted by Jade Jemma.

About Me

Hey I'm Jade Jemma! Sales Strategist and Mentor based in London, UK. I've been building and running online communities for over 10 years now.  I am so excited for what we have created inside the Freedom Business Hub and look forward to meeting you.

Why You Should Join Us

An Online Community Like You’ve Never Experienced Before!

Relationships get you there faster. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, and build real relationships, then this community is for you!


For Entrepreneurs Looking to Access Powerful Support, Create Real Relationships & Develop New Skills

How We Are Different?

Our community is focused on one key thing – real relationships. Not superficial ones we develop on social media in the comments, but real, deep and powerful relationships that we know get you there faster in business.

Every essence of our space is in place to ensure our members feel supported with not only their business, but all areas of their life, all while building real relationships in a fun sanctuary away from social media.

Get the right advice, support, feedback and become part of the most inspiring community of entrepreneurs.

Different:  We co-create

Your voice matters. Inside you get to co-create our space to ensure that the training, conversations and structure of our community is what’s needed both for where you are now, and your next level.

We welcome passionate entrepreneurs at all stages of their businesses, from those starting out, to established businesses, and everyone in between.

If you have a business, love to have fun and understand the power of relationships, you will fit in just perfect!

What's included inside?

There is a free community hall, and as well as a paid spaces and courses and programs on all things business and sales success.



Inside there are replays from workshops, programs and courses covering everything from sales strategy, getting clients, content marketing, SEO, launching, mindset, and much more!  All our videos have speed control, captions and searchable transcripts, so no more wasting hours watching irrelevant content, you can just skip to the part you need, when you need it!


Inside the paid community are you'll be able to host and attend a variety of live sessions (also available on catch up). Networking, learning, masterminding and co-working sessions as often, or little as you like!

Inside our business vault there are 40+ trainings from our resident experts. Covering basic AND advanced training sessions on everything from Sales, SEO, Conversion Marketing, Online Paid Advertising, Community Building, PR, Branding, Finance, Accounting, Law, Health & Wellness and more.


There are a whole host of experts inside our community across a variety of industries including marketing, careers, therapy and counselling, fitness and wellness, food, fashion, and so much more!


If you’re busy and constantly on the go, or can’t always sit down and watch longer videos, inside the training courses you can listen to bite-sized trainings via our private audio feed that you can listen to via your podcast player of choice! (coming soon!)


We have regular discussions inside our community hall where we cover the important topics of starting and running a business. From creating success as an entrepreneur, to wellness, to juggling business and family. Plus lots of fun and banter!


An online community away from social media where you can build deep relationships with your peers to grow a powerful business network to help you soar. Get involved with the discussions and even take part in networking, co-working and masterminding.


Be first to hear when Jade Jemma in running any free trainings or events, plus get early access to any courses and programs she runs.


Get free access to paid workshops, invites to person events, and access to pre-sale discounts on courses and programs.

How To Join

Request to join via this page and once inside you can join the free community hall. You can join in the discussions, access business growth resources and browse the other spaces inside.